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August 2019

Spent Grain : Landfill Diversion

Most people who sit down to drink a beer, tend to only think about the liquid inside their glass.  Not often does the consumer think about waste byproducts of the brewing process in which created the beer they're drinking. The most prominent waste byproduct of beer is spent grain; this is the waste of malt and other adjuncts that are used when creating beer.  After the initial boil of water and malted barley, the liquid, called wort, continues onto the next step of the brewing process while the rest of the “spent” grain gets left behind.  

Bell's Brewery

With nationally recognized beers such as Two Hearted Ale, Oberon Ale, and Kalamazoo Stout, Bell’s Brewery is an industry champion when it comes to brewing great beers.  Aside from producing award-winning beer, the team at Bell’s has another passion: Sustainability. Bell's states on their website, “We view sustainability as the capacity for our business to thrive in future generations through the practices of environmental stewardship, economic robustness, and social integrity.”