We are so excited to share this bit of news with you! We've been planning this internally and talking with many interested entities over the last few months but for the first time, the IWRC is officially announcing the Midwest Food Recovery Summit!

Midwest Food Recovery Summit

Taking place in Des Moines, Iowa in September 2017, the summit aims to provide you with the education, insight and connections needed to help ensure food is used as it's meant to be - as a resource. Focusing on all sources and all uses from source reduction and donation to feeding animals, industrial uses and compost. Speakers from all over the country will showcase what's working and what still needs work. 

The Basics


We are expecting a wide range of speakers, exhibitors and attendees from all sides of the food sector - food establishments, food rescue organizations, equipment manufacturers, regulatory entities, biodigestors, composting facilities, haulers, retail food stores, etc.


A 2 1/2 day summit with keynotes, breakout sessions, panel discussions, workgroups, an exhibit, plus numerous networking opportunities.


Wednesday, September 6 - Friday, September 8, 2017



Because food waste is a problem. Of all the food grown, processed and transported in the United States, we're throwing away 40% of it. Over 33,000,000 tons of food end up in the landfill each year in our country and only 3% of food waste is recovered or recycled. It uses 10% of the total U.S. energy budget, 50% of our land and 80% of all consumed freshwater. And we throw all that away while 1 in 8 people are food insecure.

Our staff has attended and been involved in numerous food waste recovery conferences and meetings throughout the country but never here in the Midwest. And typically the events are focused on one industry sector or one recovery option. The Midwest Food Recovery Summit not only brings this type of event to our area for the first time, but it focuses on the entire food recovery hierarchy.

So join us for inspiring keynotes, educational breakout sessions, networking opportunities, workshops throughout the entire summit. For more information, visit iwrc.uni.edu/foodrecoverysummit.

Registration opens in January. We'll see you in September!

Lea HenselAbout the Author
Lea Hensel
Marketing Coordinator
Iowa Waste Reduction Center, Business and Community Services

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