Iowa Food Waste Reduction Project

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Across our state, almost 14% of all municipally-landfilled waste is food waste making it the #1 most prevalent disposed material. From 1998-2011, Iowa landfills saw an increase of 62% in food waste disposal.

The problems with food waste are multifaceted. To resolve these issues, the Iowa Waste Reduction Center was awarded a Solid Waste Alternatives Program grant from Iowa Department of Natural Resources to develop the Iowa Food Waste Reduction Project.


Food Waste Reduction Across Iowa

Food Waste Reduction Across Iowa

Check out our new video highlighting what the Food Bank of Siouxland, Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center, University of Iowa's Office of Sustainability and Bluebird Diner are doing to turn food waste into a resource. Click here to view the video and individual interviews.

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This website was created in 2013 to assist in meeting the goals of the Iowa Food Waste Reduction Project. It will be continually updated to provide new information and resources to assist users in decreasing the amount of food waste being generated and directed to Iowa landfills. Please use the tabs above to navigate through the information and resources to learn what your organization can do to reduce food waste and its disposal in Iowa landfills.




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