Oil Skimmer Manufacturers

In an effort to help in your reduction and diversion efforts we have compiled a list of categorized vendors. Please note though that these lists are not comprehensive, or an endorsement or warranty from the Iowa Waste Reduction Center. Businesses should determine that any company or product they use complies with all applicable environmental laws. If you are a vendor and would like to be included or have information updated, please complete our contact form.

ABANAKI Corporation
Chagrin Falls, OH
(440) 543-7400

Alliance Mfg., Inc.
Fon Du Lac, WI
(800) 969-7960

Ambar Oil Skimmers
Westwego, LA
(866) 462-6227

Cedarburg Industries
Bethel, MN
(800) 328-2279

Como Industrial Equipment Inc.
Janesville, WI
(800) 451-0028

Coolant Consultants, Inc..
Owatonna, MN
(507) 451-8537

Geotek Environmental Equipment Inc.
Denver, CO
(800) 833-7958

Hudson Industries
Vienna, OH
(704) 480-0014

Lamor Environmental Solutions
Fairfax, VA
(703) 846-2500

Pittsburgh, PA
(800) 245-6211

Mercer International Inc.
Mendham, NJ
(973) 543-9000

Monroe Environmental Corporation
Monroe, MI
(800) 992-7707

New Pig Corporation
Tipton, PA
(855) 493-4647

Oil Skimmers, Inc.
Hudson, OH
(314) 579-9755

Skimoil, LLC
Brookfield, IL
(708) 387-0700

SkimTech, Inc.
(330) 774-5044

Tenco Hydro, Inc.
Brookfield, IL
(708) 387-0700

United Marine Intl.
San Diego, CA
(619) 298-3800

Wayne Products
Broomall, PA
(610) 251-0933

Zebra Skimmers Corporation
Cleveland, OH
(440) 349-0141