Painter Training

The best way to advance / progress / improve your production.

Production issues. Excess waste. Improper coating application. Equipment problems. High turnover. Regulatory compliance. These are just some of the problems we hear about from clients. At the IWRC, it’s not just painter training. It’s helping to improve your production to become more environmental and more efficient.

Painter Training Latest Posts

man training on VirtualPaint system for painter training recertification at STAR4D

Rota, Spain: A Unique Hub for U.S. Military Equipment Painting

Two continents, multiple connecting flights and 15hrs and 35 minutes is all it takes to connect Rota, Spain to Cedar Falls,…
Staff member Dan Nickey poses with another conference goer in Daytona Beach

Conference Season is in Full Swing for the IWRC

The first quarter of 2024 is a busy time for IWRC staff with conferences and professional development opportunities. Learn…
Female College Student using the Virtual Realty Painting system

UNI's Economic of Sustainability Class Teams Up with STAR4D for Impact

December on a college campus in Iowa brings cooler temperatures, an increase in caffeinated beverages (usually warm), and a…

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