Overspray Collection

In an effort to help in your reduction and diversion efforts we have compiled a list of categorized vendors. Please note though that these lists are not comprehensive, or an endorsement or warranty from the Iowa Waste Reduction Center. Businesses should determine that any company or product they use complies with all applicable environmental laws. If you are a vendor and would like to be included or have information updated, please complete our contact form.

AFC Inc.
Blue Springs, MO
(800) 331-7744

Air Flow Technologies
Kenosha, WI
(800) 537-5454

Air Technologies, Inc.
Ottawa, KS
(800) 624-8740

Chemco Mfg. Co., Inc.
Northbrook, IL
(800) 323-0431

Global Finishing Solutions (formerly JBI)
Osseo, WI
(800) 848-8738

Indian Valley Industries
Johnson City, NY
(800) 659-5111

ONDEO Nalco Company
Naperville, IL
(800) 288-0879

Overspray Removal & Recycling 
Sarasota, FL
(800) 835-5858

‌Paint Pockets Co., Inc. 
Omaha, NE
(877) 768-7587

Joliet, IL
(800) 325-5339

Resource Recycling Inc.
Irmo, SC
(866) 567-3347

Wagner Systems Inc.
Elgin, IL
(603) 503-2400