Alicia Rosburg, P.H.D.

Alicia Rosburg, P.H.D. Alicia Rosburg, P.H.D. sits before a gray background

Alicia Rosburg, P.H.D.

Associate Professor of Economics & Interim Department Head in Economics and MBA Program Coordinator

Alicia is an Associate Professor of Economics and Provost's Fellow for Sustainability at The University of Northern Iowa. The Center has had a working relationship with Alicia in the past, most recently with her published research examining sustainable craft brewing in Iowa. Alicia brings her valuable economic outlook and expertise to collaborate with the IWRC on it's many projects and programs.


Ph.D. (Economics) Iowa State University; B.A. (Economics) University of Northern Iowa

Teaching Interests

Environmental Economics, Principles of Microeconomics, Introduction to Decision Techniques

Research Interests

Alicia Rosburg researches in the areas of energy economics, agricultural economics, and intergenerational mobility. The primary focus of her research has been on the economics of second generation biofuels. 


Environmental & Energy Economics, Agricultural Economics, Sustainability, Applied Econometrician