Becoming a Certified Green Brewery

  1. Submit the brewery audit request form (located on the left)
  2. IWRC staff will visit your brewery to assess your environmental impact and document your sustainability achievements
  3. Breweries are scored on a points-based system and recommendations to increase scoring and reduce environmental impact are provided in a customized report
  4. The IWRC will provide direct assistance, upon request, to help implement recommendations provided in the customized report 
  5. Once your brewery is satisfied with your level of certification (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum), the IWRC will present your brewery with a framed certificate and window decals recognizing your achievement

Resources for Brewers

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NoCoast Beer Co. Achieves Iowa Green Brewery Platinum Certification

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What is the Iowa Green Brewery Certification?

Developed by the IWRC, the Iowa Green Brewery Certification serves to provide our brewery clients with guidance to implement sustainable practices that focus on the following areas:
  • Sustainable materials management and solid waste diversion away from the landfill
  • Environmental compliance through exemptions to Iowa’s regulations
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water quality and conservation
  • Environmental planning through development of standard operating procedures and best management practices
The Iowa Green Brewery Certification is a free service for all Iowa breweries that awards sustainable achievements at various levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  Our points-based system scores each brewery’s sustainable practices and awards these achievements with a local press release, window clings and a certificate of achievement that promote positive public relations, bragging rights on our own social media about the breweries we work with, and continued support to help implement sustainable practices to increase scoring while decreasing negative impacts on the environment.

Our Certified Breweries: