PRESS RELEASE: Paha Cider is the First Cidery Certified by the Iowa Green Brewery Certification

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Jan 10, 2024

Paha Cider is the First Cidery Certified by the Iowa Green Brewery Certification

Waverly, IowaPaha Cider has been awarded gold level certification from the Iowa Green Brewery Certification (IGBC) program. The IGBC is an environmental assistance program of the Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) at the University of Northern Iowa. The program awards certifications to Iowa craft breweries that have implemented sustainable practices within their facilities and brewing operations.

Paha Cider opened its doors in the second half of 2023 with sustainability as a core focus from the beginning. “I remember when I first received a call from Mark about a year ago, before even breaking ground, and he was asking about what they could do to be the most sustainable operation possible,” says Joe Bolick, Director of the Iowa Waste Reduction Center.

A few of the sustainability measures that Paha Cider has implemented include hot water reclamation to minimize the use of their hot water heater, incorporating upcycled and recycled equipment into the brewing process, as well as local sourcing of many of their ingredients.

Paha Cidery Owner Mark Westbrock with Mo Volka, Sales & Marketing Director stand in front of cider vatts holding their Gold Certification
Mark Westbrock (Paha Cider owner and cidermaker) and Mo Valko (Director of Sales & Marketing)

“We are committed to making great cider and running a successful business while leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible.

 The IWRC has been a great resource for us as we work toward this goal, and we look forward to implementing more of their recommendations in the years to come,”  says Mark Westbrock, Paha Cider owner and head cidermaker.

Paha Cider is the first cidery certified by the Iowa Green Brewery Certification. They join Alluvial Brewing Company (Ames), River Ridge (Bellevue), Fat Hill Brewing (Mason City), Franklin St. Brewing Co. (Manchester), Keg Creek Brewing Co. (Glenwood), Peace Tree Brewing Co.(Knoxville), Second State Brewing (Cedar Falls), Textile Brewing Co. (Dyersville), and Worth Brewing (Northwood) in the Gold level of the IGBC program.

To learn more about this certified brewery and the IGBC, please visit the Iowa Green Brewery Certification home page at

Contact Joe Bolick, Director of the Iowa Waste Reduction Center, for more information at 319-273-6577 or


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