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four men in front of large tree holding a plaque and glass of beer

PRESS RELEASE: Big Grove Des Moines certified Platinum

Big Grove Brewery and Taproom in Des Moines has achieved platinum level certification from the Iowa Green Brewery Certification (IGBC) program. As the first brewery to have two facilities certified at the platinum level, Big Grove has demonstrated a company-wide commitment to minimizing their environmental impact.

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Exile Brewing Co. Wins Award at 2024 World Beer Cup

Often referred to as “The Olympics of Beer,” the World Beer Cup recognizes international brewing excellence. See which Iowa Green Brewery Certified Brewery took home a silver award this year.

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man and woman in work clothes and shovels planting a tree

Celebrating Earth Day 2024

Every day is Earth Day for the Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) but that doesn’t mean we don’t participate in the nationally dedicated Earth Day efforts.

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Paha Cidery Owner Mark Westbrock with Mo Volka, Sales & Marketing Director stand in front of cider vatts holding their Gold Certification

PRESS RELEASE: Paha Cider is the First Cidery Certified by the Iowa Green Brewery Certification

Waverly, Iowa- Paha Cider has been awarded gold level certification from the Iowa Green Brewery Certification (IGBC) program. Paha Cider opened its doors in the second half of 2023 with sustainability as a core focus from the beginning. From the ground up, Paha has kept sustainability in mind and continue to build on that foundation.

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Neil Blair, head brewer. and Elliot Thompson, owner of Alluvial Brewing stand on the floor of their brewery holding their gold certification plaque

PRESS RELEASE: Alluvial Brewing Company achieves gold level Iowa Green Brewery Certification

Alluvial, located on the northwest edge of Ames, has made sustainability a core focus throughout their business including sourcing local ingredients, maximizing the overall efficiency of their entire brewing operation and using waste grain and water to benefit the CSA farm located on site. Learn was their efforts have resulted in...

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IWRC Program Manager Jennifer Wittenburg working with Environmental Intern Kendall Lienemann

The Next Generation of Waste Reduction

Five students have left their mark at UNI’s Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) this summer, working across various internal and community-based projects. Paige German, Kendall Lienmann, Makayla Gasper, Eliana Hornbuckle, and Haley Christoffer may be from different universities, but they now have something in common: they all built a better Iowa through their work for the IWRC.

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IWRC and ISU share tent at the 2023 Iowa Craft Brew Fest in Des Moines Iowa

Iowa Waste Reduction Center and Iowa State University's Brewing Science Lab Join Forces for Sustainable Brewing Solutions

For over five years, the mission of the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s (IWRC) Iowa Green Brewery Certification (IGBC) program at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) has been to assist breweries in, and recognize them for, implementing practices and strategies that minimize their overall environmental impact. As of today, over 30 breweries in Iowa have been awarded a level of certification by the IWRC, but the latest brewery they have worked with isn’t really a brewery at all, it’s Iowa State University (ISU).

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Craft Brewer's Conference & Brew Expo America 2023

Two Iowa Green Brewery Certified Breweries walk away with prestigious 2023 World Beer Cup Award

Nashville, TN was the place to be on May 7-10, 2023 for the Craft Brewer's Conference & Brew Expo America. This conference is America's largest Craft Brewing industry gathering and was filled with networking, tours, seminars, book-signings, tastings, nightly events, and more! The conference culminated with the Brewers Association World Beer Cup Awards Ceremony. This year’s World Beer Cup competition saw 10,213 entries from 2,376 breweries representing 51 countries. At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, a total of 307 awards were presented.

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IWRC Director Joe Bolick awards NoCoast Beer Co their Platinum Certification

PRESS RELEASE: NoCoast Beer Co. Achieves Iowa Green Brewery Platinum Certification

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa - We are excited to congratulate NoCoast Beer Co., out of Oskaloosa, IA, on achieving the Iowa Green Brewery Certification's Platinum award. NoCoast Beer Co. surpassed their bronze-level certification by furthering their environmental efforts and will be awarded the certification by the IGBC program on July 1, 2022 at 1:00 pm.

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Noreen Otto and Jennifer Trent

Two Iowa Green Brewery Certified Breweries won prestigious 2022 World Beer Cup Award

May 2-5, 2022 marked the return of the Craft Brewer's Conference & Brew Expo America. This conference is America's largest Craft Brewing industry gathering and was held in Minneapolis, MN.

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