IWRC Now Offering Free Energy Assessments

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The Iowa Waste Reduction Center at the University of Northern Iowa is offering free energy assessments for Iowa small businesses. The services available through this program include compressed air leak assessments, facility lighting analysis, and building envelope inspections.
Leaks in a compressed air system can result in significant energy loss, and potentially cost a business thousands of dollars. The IWRC is available to complete compressed air leak evaluations using an ultrasonic leak detector. An ultrasonic leak detector identifies leaks and quantifies air loss. This reading, along with the pressure of the compressed air line, hours of operation, and the facility’s electrical energy costs allow for an accurate calculation of energy loss and associated costs. During the inspection, identified leaks are marked with a specific tag number that documents the magnitude and location of the leak, and pressure of the line.
An inspection of the building envelope can provide a facility with important and relevant information in evaluating the heating and/or cooling loss from the building. This inspection involves identifying heat differentials in specific areas of a building which are indicative of energy losses and increased energy costs. In order to identify these areas, the IWRC utilizes a thermal imaging camera which captures real-time temperature differentials within the building envelope. Following the inspection, the business will be provided with thermal images of areas in the building envelope that could be modified to reduce heat and/or cooling loss.
Lighting technologies have evolved drastically in recent years, resulting in the increased availability of affordable and efficient lighting systems. The IWRC will analyze the facility’s current lighting system, calculate energy usage and associated costs, and provide recommendations for alternative, more efficient lighting systems. Based on this analysis and the facility’s electrical costs, annual energy and cost savings information may be provided to the business.
Energy and cost saving recommendations from these free energy assessments will provide businesses with valuable information to make informed decisions in reducing energy usage and related costs. To learn more about these free assessments and to sign-up, please visit https://iwrc.uni.edu/energy-efficiency/small-businesses.