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Owners and operators of air pollution sources, including grain elevators, are required to obtain permits and meet applicable air pollution standards. With the passage of the 1990 amendments to the federal Clean Air Act a new operating permit program for major sources of regulated air pollutants was created. As a result the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency required the state to remove restrictions limiting the regulation of grain elevators which necessitated that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) review and permit air emissions at hundreds of grain elevators to bring them into compliance with the air construction permitting requirements of rule 567-22.1(455B). The grain elevators’ potential to emit (PTE) determines the group classification, associated reporting and/or permitting requirements.

To help owners and operators of grain elevators determine their classification and manage records, the IWRC's Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program developed the GrainPTE online calculation tool.

Why Use GrainPTE?

  • It's free!
  • It helps comply with the requirements of rule 567 IAC 22.10.
  • You can maintain your records in one location for easy retrieval.



Using the GrainPTE program allows you to easily record facility information and calculate PM10 PTE. Plus, if your business has multiple facilities you can track all of them in the same place.

When reports are needed, simply log in to your account and generate the needed information for up to date recordkeeping.