STAR4D Training GuideJoin thousands of military and DoD contract employees that have become STAR4D certified since 2003. The guide includes information about the type of certifications offered, agendas, details about the STAR4D training center, and what you can expect to learn. 

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Who should attend STAR4D training?

  • Spray technicians
  • Supervisors
  • Engineers


The three-day course is broken down into the three categories of classroom, hands-on, and virtual reality practice. Each course can be different based on the needs of the technicians attending, however, a common agenda is as follows:

Day 1
Classroom (coatings, equipment selection, gun setup, spray technique, mixing coatings)
Hands-On Practice (transfer efficiency pre-test, hands-on coating application)

Day 2
Classroom (equipment cleaning)
Virtual Reality (VirtualPaint practice)
Hands-On Practice (mil thickness readings, gun setup, spray technique)

Day 3
Classroom (written post-test)
Hands-On Practice (transfer efficiency post-test, mil thickness readings, hands-on coating application)

Traveling to Cedar Falls

Regional Airports

  • The closest airport is the Waterloo Regional Airport (ALO) and serves American Airlines.
  • The Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) is located approximately one hour from STAR4D in Cedar Rapids, IA. CID serves Allegiant, American Eagle, Delta, Frontier and United Airlines.

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